Thursday, 5 March 2009

Equipment I Used

Here is a photo of the equipment i used during making my opening sequence.

The equipment i used was really easy to use. As you can see from the photo, i used a video camera (low res), Nikon camera, trip-pod and a MacBook. 

Evaluation Questions

Just a few questions about my project..

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I'm not too sure, but i think a minor local company may distribute it

Who would be the audience for your media product?
I feel that the audience would be more mature as the film is more about feelings and understanding. 

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
Constructing this project has taught me a lot of things to do with camerawork especially. It opened my eyes to see different and more abstract angles that would add dramatic effect to the shot.

Evaluation 1

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
I think that the company who would be more than likely to distribute my film would be someone like Paramount, as they do more adult and mature films. So they would have a good eye for a film that the older audience prefer.

Who would be the audience for your media product?
I feel that the audience for my film would be a more mature audience as such as the film would be more about feelings and emotion rather than violence and sex!

9 Key Frames Of My Sequence

These 9 frames, are considered to be the most important ones in the sequence. 

-You have firstly, i have animated the college logo in AfterEffects. 

-The second box shows my very own logo. i created a slinky effect using AfterEffects, this is my production company logo as such. 

-The third screen grab i have taken from my sequence is my titles. These were created in Final Cut, including movement and static.

-Next the shot shows people walking along the street to give the effect that the city is a busy place. 

-Then i have some titles appear over the crowd, this is just showing i can use the editing stuff an drop stuff in and on top.

-Fifth shot has the girl involved in the busy city, but all alone looking sad.

-I have a couple of shots of the girls face close up, i think she shows a real good sense of the emotion she must feel. 

-End film name Alone In The Street.

Costumes weren't really necessary as the environment where i was filming had lots of people walking in there everyday clothes and thats what i needed. Even the child didn't even have to look that scruffy, just as if she were really sad.

Camera placement was essential for this sequence. I think that i got the distance and framing correct. It gives you feelings for the kid.

Draft Cut

This is my draft cut for my opening sequence.

Feedback On Final Cut

I have received some anonymous feedback from colleagues, and from Jake and Jim who are film directors.

What kind of 'genre' do you think this film belongs to?
I think the film has a dramatic feeling around it, how the girl is alone and that.

Who do you think the 'target audience' for this film would be?
People who prefer sad films and enjoy watching emotion. Older audience.

What is your favourite image from this film?
The girl sitting in the street as you don't understand or know why she is depressed and lonely.

If you were to borrow one idea from this film for your own film making project, what would it be?
The titles, i really like the way they have been produced. Especially the logo's.

Final Cut

This is my final cut for my opening sequence.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Feedback On Draft Cut

I have been given feedback from everyone in my class on my draft cut for the opening sequence to my film. This is what they said (:

The actor was convincing, cutting to black constantly for the titles, distracting a bit for the story building edge of things.

Titles are too long, more shots of the small girl needed. Use a variety of shots.

Simple titles are good. Think it could be better if all the titles wern't the same, maybe move them round in a different way.

Needs a little extra work. Good use of font and elongation.

Sharpness of the clips. maybe needs improving. Contrast on the street needs brightening up slightly. Other than that very good.

Dark in places, needs lightening up. Costumes generally look like an average teenager.

Close up shots are effective and music works well with the sequence.

Although some shots are repeated, think they work great. Good transitions between shots and timing was good. Kept me interested.

Music goes very well with the camera shots, very professional.

Way to long titles, with boring effects. Although they are not over the top, could do with more though.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Whilst I Was Filming

I had a few problems whilst i was planning and actually shooting.

My actor became ill and couldn't come, and at such short notice couldn't get together someone else. Although i did get some close facial shots of my actor, which i will be able to drop into the footage.

Timing was crucial, as i had to hit town at rush hour to get the most busiest shots possible, as i got there it was turning dark and there weren't many people around. Should really get a couple more shots of the busy town making sure i get there with time to set up.

My shots didn't really match my planned shots, so i might need to do a couple of the shots that i planned to mingle in with the footage that i shot.

So Far, The Production

So far during the production i have had many up and downs, mostly downs.

Whilst i was out filming i had various problems arise, but the thing i am most happy with is the fact that i went out on my own to film something. I would never do that if it was my own choice, i had a few issues but i just got down to it. my footage was limited due to some problems, but i should be adding more to it.

I still have a few things to do, i think the editing will make me more happy with my work as at the moment it looks quite messy and just plain.

3 Tips To Consider During Shooting Your Film

Before and during filming, you should keep in mind you:

Made sure you've planned everything down to the last minor detail.

Not to be afraid to make adjustments to your planned shots, if you stumble across something that you think may turn out better, shoot that as well as the planned version.

Make sure your time slots are suitable and your not going to run out of light!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Storyboard Animatic

I have created an animated version of my storyboard. It is only a basic storyboard, showing none of the final camera angles, although they are roughly in the are the shot will be.

There are a few pictures in there which may seem to be the same, that's because they are. But they are not intended to be like that, the angles will be all different and have different center points. I am really happy with this basic storyboard and hope to match shot for shot as much as i can whilst filming.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Continuity Task

We have been given some new HD camera's to shoot our film opening sequences with. As of this, we done a test run with them to make sure if we encounter any problems they are able to be sorted out before we come across making the real thing. This film is just a short sequence from a simple storyboard. We done a run with a HD tape and a standard tape, i edited the standard tape so this is what we ended up with.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Film Opening Sequence

For this post I have chosen an opening sequence from the Hurtwood House YouTube channel i liked, and i am going to write about what i think to the techniques they have used.

Here is a video from the Hertwood House youtube channel

I like the way the video has been put together, it's all really pacey and short cuts. The kind of techniques they have used are easy but effective, the close ups of all the most important things that are to be noticed make it powerful to the eye and grips you into the picture.

I really like the way when the titles come up, they freeze the shot behind and change the effect of it so its all blurry and the writing scrolls on.

When the pace slows down, and the movement of the camera slows too, you get the feeling that they've done their drugs and are tripping. The shot always cuts back to the source and the main feature for the sequence in which this case is the cocaine reminding you why the sequence is how it is. You then link in your mind everything around that, and it's helpful the way it does that.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


For my sequence i have a very specific choice of location for where i want to shoot certain parts.
I will not need any major props, maybe a piece of food or drink to imitate the stealing.

Locations -
Newmarket train station, i have noticed this place whilst travelling back and fourth from my friends house, and seems an ideal place to shoot a certain scene. It needs to rain or snow though in order to get the full effect for the sequence.

I need to find a place where there is a food van such as a kebab shop, who will let me shoot a certain part. I don't think this will be a problem.

I also need a location where there are steps and a good croud come past to seem as if its really busy and noone takes any notice to this kid on the streets. I could organize a few friends to come together to do this, this either should not be a problem.

Props -
I need to get a piece of food or drink which will imitate the young kid stealing. I will have to arrange this with someone who owns a food stall.

Actors -
My little sister will be playing the young kid in my opening sequence. She has agreed and permission has been given.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Major Issues

Here are some major issies that could occur whilst filming the opening sequence.

The terrain - If it carries on to be cold and icey, it may be difficult to film certain shots without an accident occurring. I may have to change the location for the shot where there is less ice allowing more grip.

Shotlist - I need to have a shotlist that i'm happy with to shoot from. This will determine whether it will have a good effect on the audience. Spend a good amount of time on it.

Weather conditions - Even though i need the terrain to be safe and suitable for certain shot, i need it to rain or snow in order to be able to get the full effect for a shot of my character taking shelter from the weather.

Potential Nuicances

These are the potential minor things that could arrise during the filming of this opening sequence.

Permission from parents saying i can use my little sister as an actor.
Timings for shooting, make sure get all done.
Finding the right props if needed.

Friday, 30 January 2009

The Stages To Producing My Storyboard

Throughout the week we have been drawing up our storyboard and shot selections for our opening sequence. I drew up a potential sequence that i would use for my opening titles. These consist of showing a young boy/girl

This drawing is representing the lonely child sitting at some steps, with everyone walking past not taking any notice of him what so ever.

This picture is showing the character waiting on the corner of a street, waiting for he owner of the food stall (in this case a kebab van) to turn away in able for them to take the food that is on the side without causing a stir.

This shot is showing the child taking shelter in a station, (its suppose to be raining). Implying that they are living off nothing and that they need to find shelter for themselves.

This is a shot that continues off the other shot that was happening earlier in the sequence. So this shot is a sequence showing, the child running away from the food stall with a burger or something. Again, feeding himself.

This shot is a close up of the character's face trying to show their feelings through a few second holding shot. This will give you an idea of what the character looks like and how he must be feeling.

This is the basic and most probable final version of my sequence, i will repeat a couple of the shots maybe in different places to give the effect of the days going past. Although it could do with some more shots, i feel this is a good structure to my sequence.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Long Road Logo Animation

Here i have taken the Long Road logo, and animated it in my own way giving it a new look. We did the animation in AfterEffects.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

My Pitch Of Choice

The pitch that i have chosen to create the opening sequence for is pitch number 2. 
A young boy/girl, homeless in the streets making her own way in life, stealing and finding shelter for themselves. Then someone comes along and takes them in, then the boy/girl sets off in pursuit of her family.

Things That Are Essential For a Good Opening Sequence

For a successful opening sequence, you should make sure you; 
- Make it eye catching, show off your production values;

- Taste of the rest of the film, but don't give too much away;

- Don't let it drag out into the film;

- Good soundtrack that works with the film, relates to it if possible;

- Build up e.g. tension or mystery. make the audience want to see more;

- Introduce characters, location, theme or mood, all of these? These are optional;

- Institutional detail. Distribution industry/ production company/ actors etc;

As long as you work with these points in your opening sequence, you should be able to create it in a way you will attract people into the film and encourage them to watch on.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Film Briefs

Film Brief:

A mainstream action film that will appeal to 15-25yr old males

All superheroes or heroes have a certain attained power or ability, and has a use right from the beggining. What if there were a heroe among us all but we didn't know anything about it! The power that we had at our very own fingertips, the things everybody wanted to have. What if you could change the world.

Charlie, a regular citizen of downtown New York, living a regular life. At 21 he has jus started to build a life for himself, has a secure job at a company in the city, (not determined what) own flat where he lives with his best mate Jake. Since he was born he had lived a normal life throughout the years, day in day out. All is well for charlie until he discovers what he was created for..

Film Brief:

An independent film featuring a young protagonist.

A young boy has been left alone in the streets of Tokyo as his family have no money to support another being in the family. He has to make a living for himself, find food, shelter. How could a young boy cope on the street all by himself. In this film, you will see how a boy is in the persuit of life s he struggles day by day. He is stumbled apon by a man who takes him in, gives him everything he needs. He then goes after he family, tracing them down..

Can this young boy in the streets of china live a life of hope and find where his family are.. or were they always right by his side.

Film Brief:

An animated feature appealing to an adult audience

A male scientist has been researching strange behaviour in some dogs, almost posessed. Due to a security breach the dogs cages have been released from lock and attacked the scientist biting him, ingesting a harmful desease causing zombification! The dogs are on the loose attacking residents leaving them all with this terrible desease. One man is left living under his own military training, serving as a military research scientist, stopping wave after wave of these deseased dogs and humans. He believes he is the last man alive, or is he?

Can he find a way to cure this desease and restore normal life in the city, will he find refuge or will he die trying to ave life of mankind? A cross between 'I Am Legend & 28 Days Later'.

Feedback on my ideas..

'The first film brief could do with some more detail informing us more about what the film would be about, explaining his power maybe or the story line.'

'I really like the pitch about the young boy living in china, it has a good line to it and seems quite gripping.'

'The last pitch was too much of a copy of known films around, even though was a good idea.'

Friday, 16 January 2009

Blog Thoughts

I looked at a blog from a previous student at long studying media. Their project was to make there own thriller opening sequence.
Before making their opening sequence they needed to research and plan existing thriller opneings, now this could be looking at other students work or observing a proper one from a film. They chose to take a sample from a film, the film they chose was Seven.
They analysed the sequnce and made notes on it. They then storyboarded a sequence which they feel would work well.
The planning and research was done pretty well i thought, but they only had 1 video of research between 4 people. If they had looked at a few more videos and posted them on the blog, they wouldv'e no doubtidly got more marks, but their final cut would ultimately be better as they would have differnet techniques they could have taken from othe sequences and merged them all to one. The levels of writing were good there was a lot, but maybe too much in comparisson to the visuals. Neede more pictures and videos for research. 14/20 Planning and Research.

The final cut was well put together and felt like a real opening for a thriller, but the minimal research had come back to haunt them as you could easily tell that their ideas were from Seven. The close ups, not seeing faces, not allowing the veiwer to understand or generate a thought of what is going on in the sequence. All together the construction for the film was good but the lack of research had let them down. Too many traces of the film Seven. 44/60

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Film Production Companies

The layout gone all wierd but here are some examples of production companies

These are just some of the big names in film production. Most films you have watched, would've probably been produced by these major companies.

Universal have pruduced some award winning films such as Billy Elliot, Fast and the Furious and newly released Role Models.

Miramax: Kill Bill v1/2, Reprise, City of Men and others.

Dreamworks: Eagle Eye, The Soloist and many other well know films. They also produce lots of anumated films such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Pictures of Film Production Companies

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Production Companies

Names of production companies and studios that appear in the credits for the 2004 hit, The Football Factory.

The production company Vertigo have produced around 23 well known films including 'The Business', 'Dogging' and 'Its All Gone Pete Tong'.

In its first year in 2003, Vertigo produced 'The Football Factory', which entered the UK Box Office at number 3 and has now sold over one million copies making it the most successful independent UK film on DVD ever, and It's 'All Gone Pete Tong' which went on to win several awards including Best Film at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2004!

The company responsible for the distribution of 'The Football Factory' in the UK were Momentum Pictures. There were also multiple companies in charge of certain areas of the production such as lighting, sound, editing and post-production.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Interesting Film Opening Sequence

For my opening sequence i chose The Football Factory.

Camera: The camerawork in this opening sequence is very clever - there is a part right at the beggining letting you know they are thugs when you have the view through a cctv camera. most of the camreawork is just tracking and following the movement of the mob.

Sound: The music in the sequence is very tipical to the likes of football huligans, the sort like franz ferdinand or other stuff like that, and rave music when they're fighting obviously just to up the tempo a bit. There way they talk is very indescrete and open minded, i suppose you have to be to be in a firm. They have ther own lingo they add in to make it clear they're all as one and not from around that area, but you dont understand this until further on into the film.

Editing: The editing is all very calm during the first couple of minutes, but when it hits the fight.. (they all seem to be buzzin' and anxious to start on this rival firm) the tempo of the shots picks up and you become more involved in the scene.

Friday, 28 November 2008

London Underground Tv Drama Challenge!

On wednesday we had a very unusual but constructive task set. We had to name as many tv drama's as possible, then try to link them together on the london underground tube map in conjunction with each catagory we decided to choose.

I'm not too sure of the catagory's we decided on but i know we had, youth drama, romance, soap, medical/emergancy service's and a like 5 more.

For this we all had to work together in order to be able to even nearly complete this task. So, what we decided on was to have 4 people researching the names of tv drama for the catagory's, whilst the others started to find out which catagory's could work in order to be able to connect to eachother. The idea was, that if you had a station on the tube map that was a cross-over station in which you could change onto a different line, the two programs on that station that joined, had to link in some way. Ie. eastenders could link to the bill, as they are both a soap, and they both involve crime in their own ways.

So, on the board we came up with the catagory's to which we would group the drama's. Then we researched the groups for all the tv drama's we could possibly find, as some of the lines on the underground have as many as 60 stops, which means we had to have 60 tv drama's for whatever catagory that was. This was easier for some rather than others. We have now been researching and plotting the stations for a couple of lessons now and we have got a good basic structure for the lines in which it would be able to work.

When and if we finish this task!> i will post a copy of the final product on here (:

Monday, 24 November 2008

TV Drama Programs (h/w)

First of all the catagory, Medical Drama is a tv drama in which events centre upon a hospital, ambulance staff, or any medical environment.
Now i know today in class, we sort of established that 'Scrubs' did not belong under the catagory medical drama, but it says it on the internet, so i'll add it to my list of medical drama tv programs.

Holby City
Holby Blue
Childrens Ward
Doc Martin
Green Wing
No Angels

City of Angels
Doctor Doctor
Medical Center
Chicago Hope

Shortland Street
The Young Doctors
The Surgeon
All Saints
A Country Practice

These are some of the biggest medical drama shows around the world. i don't know how to put a clip on here, so can't. Will find out, then upload one onto here :) Peace x